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Professor Mukamel's interests focus on theoretical studies of ultrafast dynamics and relaxation processes of large molecules, biological complexes and semiconductors. Optical spectroscopic techniques provide a sensitive probe for molecular motions with rapidly improving temporal, spectral, and spatial resolution. Professor Mukamel's group develops and applies many-body Green function techniques for calculating dynamical processes, and explores the ways they can be probed using linear and nonlinear optical techniques. Recent applications include the studies of nonlinear response of conjugated polymers, biological light harvesting complexes, proteins, and optical nonlinearities in semiconductors, cooperative spontaneous emission (superradiance) in molecular aggregates, long-range biological electron transfer, collective nonlinear response and fluorescence of molecular nanostructures, and effects of chaos in quantum and classical optical response.

Shaul's 70th Birthday Celebration in China

"International conference of nonlinear optical spectroscopy" held in USTC, Hefei, China, on 5-6th Jan, 2019, in celebration of Shaul Mukamel's 70th birthday.The conference devotes to diverse topics including nonlinear optical phenomena, spectroscopy, interplay of chaos, noise and quantum effects.
Words from Colleagues
International Symposium of Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopy

The support of the following agencies for Professor Mukamel's research is gratefully acknowledged:

National Science Foundation, "Molecular Relaxation and Radiative Processes"

National Institutes of Health (RO1 Grant), "Multidimensional Femtosecond Correlation Spectroscopic Probes in Biomolecules"

Department of Energy, "Nonlinear Ultrafast Spectroscopy of Electron and Energy Transfer in Molecular Complexes"

Petroleum Research Fund (AC Grant), "Stochastic Trajectories and Non-Poisson Kinetics in Single-Molecular Spectroscopy"

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