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Molecular Junctions

469"Current Profiles of Molecular Nanowires; Density-Functional Theory Green's Function Representation", O. Berman and S. Mukamel Phys. Rev. B, 69, 155430-1 - 155430-9 (2004). pdf
504"Electrostatic versus current induced mechanisms for reversible switching in single adsorbed molecules based on [2.2]paracyclophane," C. Silien, N. Liu, W. Ho, J. B. Maddox, B. Liu and G. C. Bazan, (in preparation) (2005)no pdf
507"Chemical imaging of single-4,7,12,15-tetrakis[2.2]paracyclophane by spatially resolved vibrational spectroscopy," N. Liu, C. Silien, W. Ho, J. B. Maddox, S. Mukamel, B. Liu, and G. C. Bazan, (in preparation) (2005)no pdf
509"Superoperator Many-body Theory of Molecular Currents:Non-equilibrium Green Functions in Real Time, U. Harbola and S. Mukamel in Theory and Applications of Computational Chemistry: The First 40 Years, 373-396 C. E. Dykstra, G. Frenking, K. S. Kim and G. E. Scuseria, Elsevier, Amsterdam (2005) pdf
518"Non-equilibrium Superoperator Greens Function Approach to Inelastic Resonances in STM Currents", U. Harbola, J. B. Maddox and S. Mukamel, Phys. Rev. B, 73, 205404 (2006)pdf
527"Many-body Theory of Current-Induced Fluorescence in Molecular Junctions," U. Harbola, J. B. Maddox, S. Mukamel, Phys. Rev. B 73, 1 (2006)pdf
528"Simulation of single molecule inelastic electron tunneling signals in paraphenylene-ethylene oligomers and distyrl-benzene[2.2]paracyclophanes," J. B. Maddox, U. Harbola, W. Ho, G. C. Bazan, and S. Mukamel, J. Phys. Chem. (Submitted) (2005)no pdf
543"A Quantum Master Equation for Electron Transport through Nanosystems", U. Harbola, M. Esposito and S. Mukamel. Phys. Rev. B. (submitted 2006).pdf
552"Fluctuation Theorem for Counting-Statistics in Electron Transport Through Quantum Junctions", M. Espositio, U. Harbola and S. Mukamel. (In preparation, 2006).no pdf

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